Adding Cruise Control

Learn how to add Cruise Control as a service in Cloudera Manager to an already existing cluster.

  1. Open Cloudera Manager.
  2. Select the drop-down menu to the right of your cluster on the Home screen.
  3. Select Add Service.
    The Add Service wizard starts.
  4. Select Cruise Control as the type of service from the list of services, then click Continue.
  5. Assign roles to Cruise Control, then click Continue.
  6. Check the default and suggested settings for configuration parameters on the Review Changes page, and set if needed.
    1. Required: Set the Kafka Client Security Protocol as it is set for Kafka.
  7. Click Continue and wait until the first run of the Cruise Control service is completed.
  8. Click Continue and then Finish.

You have added Cruise Control as a service in Cloudera Manager.