CDP Private Cloud Quick Pre-Installation Checklist

You can use the following checklist to verify the CDP Private Cloud requirements before you initiate the install.

OpenShift Requirements

  • DNS and reverse DNS between OpenShift container hosts and Cloudera Data Center is configured. This is required for Kerberos kinit to succeed.
  • OpenShift application hostnames are routable from outside the cluster
  • Storage is provisioned in the form of Persistent Volume (PV)
  • The default StorageClass is set
  • CML requires NFS support. External or embedded NFS must be set. Cloudera recommends embedded NFS.
  • CML requires access to the CDP Data Center cluster. The user that is authenticated with Kerberos must have Ranger policies that allow read and write access to the default (or other specified) database
  • Credentials to the Docker Registry must be available
  • You must have the OpenShift kubeconfig. The kubeconfig must have admin privileges.
  • The clock time on all OpenShift nodes should be in sync through services like ntp. This is particularly important if the OpenShift cluster is airgapped and external ntp services are not accessible.

CDP Private Base Requirements

  • The cluster is configured with TLS
  • Cloudera Manager is configured with a JKS-format (not PKCS12) TLS truststore
  • The configured Cloudera Manager truststore must contain a root certificate that trusts the certificate for all Cloudera Manager server hosts expected to be used with Private Cloud.
  • If the Hive Metastore is connecting to an external Postgres database with TLS, the Cloudera Manager truststore must also contain a root certificate that trusts the certificate for all external Postgres databases used by Hive Metastore.
  • The cluster is configured with Ranger and LDAP is set up and configured for the auth user
  • Kerberos is enabled for all services in the cluster
  • Configure LDAP on CM. Only AD and OpenLDAP are supported.
  • All services in the Base cluster reported by Cloudera Manager are healthy
  • The cluster is set up with a license with entitlements for installing Private Cloud Plus