Step 2. Configure the Ranger and DAS Databases

If you plan to use Data Analytics Studio or Ranger in a trial cluster, you must create DAS and Ranger databases.

If you plan to use Data Analytics Studio in your trial cluster, you must create an external PostgreSQL 9.6 database. This is because the embedded database created by the trial installer is PostgreSQL version 9.2, which is incompatible with DAS. For more information on creating a DAS database, see the topics Required Databases and Creating Databases for CDP.

If you plan to use Ranger during the trial, you must create a Ranger database. A script is provided to create the database.

Complete this task before you setup a cluster with Ranger enabled:

  1. To create the Ranger database, run the located in /opt/cloudera/cm/bin on the Cloudera Manager host.
    The output of the script gives you the default Ranger database host, default database name, default database user, and the Ranger database user password to use during cluster setup.
  2. Take note of the script output. Although the database name and database user are default values, you will need to enter the host and Ranger database user password on the Enter Required Parameters page when you configure a cluster.
The wizard that follows will deploy a cluster and start the Ranger service. At that point, the Ranger service enables the necessary plugins. You should verify that the Ranger plugins for HDFS and Solr are enabled. For more information see Additional Steps for Apache Ranger.

If cluster deployment fails, be sure to click Resume in the wizard after you fix any issues. If you do not click Resume, the Ranger service will not enable all of the necessary plugins.