Cloudera Runtime Download Information

Important: Access to Cloudera Runtime parcels for production purposes requires authentication. To access the parcels at the locations below, you must first have an active subscription agreement and obtain a license key file along with the required authentication credentials (username and password).

The license key file and authentication credentials are provided in an email sent to customer accounts from Cloudera when a new license is issued. If you have an existing license with a CDP Private Cloud Base Edition entitlement, you might not have received an email. In this instance you can identify the authentication credentials from the license key file. If you do not have access to the license key, contact your account representative to receive a copy.

To identify your authentication credentials using your license key file, complete the following steps:

  • From, log into the account associated with the CDP Private Cloud Base license and subscription agreement.
  • On the CDP Private Cloud Base Download page, click Download Now and scroll down to the Credential Generator.
  • In the Generate Credentials text box, copy and paste the text of the “PGP Signed Message” within your license key file and click Get Credentials. The credentials generator returns your username and password.

When you obtain your authentication credentials, use them to form the URL where you can access the Runtime repository in the Cloudera Archive. Cloudera Manager can also download the Runtime parcels directly during the installation process.

The repositories for Cloudera Runtime 7.x are listed in the following tables:

Table 1. Cloudera Runtime
Parcel Repository Location