Known Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.1.4

OOZIE-3549 Oozie fails to start when Cloudera Manager 7.x is used with Cloudera Runtime 6.x and Java 11 because Oozie does not set the trust-store password.
The issue is fixed in OOZIE-3549 and is already included in CDP 7.x but not in CDH 6.x. If you are on CDH 6.x and want to upgrade to Java 11 or your Cloudera Manager to 7.x then you must request a patch.
OPSAPS-58277 Cloudera Manager Upgrade Fails on Ubuntu 18
On Ubuntu 18 only, if CDH daemon process are running, upgrading Cloudera Manager from version 7.1.4 or below, or from version 6.3.4 or below, will fail with a Segmentation fault. You must stop all clusters before upgrading Cloudera Manager 7.1.x .
OPSAPS- 58269 Staleness in Private Cloud Base 7.1.1 cluster [Ranger, Atlas, Kudu, Spark, Livy, and Hive on Tez] after upgrading Cloudera Manager
When you upgrade Cloudera Manager from 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 to 7.1.4, a staleness for Ranger service configurations is expected due to improvement in Cloudera Manager to capture the required values for Kafka brokers, Kafka security protocol configuration, and Logging Threshold for Atlas in addition to improvements for Atlas Gateway role deployment.
You must implement the improvements and restart Ranger by taking sufficient downtime for services.
CDPQE-238 Trial installer fails when using SLES 12 SP 5

Using the cloudera-manager-installer.bin (Trial installer) to install Cloudera Manager will fail when using the SLES 12 SP5 operating system.

CDPD-17603 Java version requirements for IBM PPC
You must use OpenJDK version 8u161 or higher This version is not available from the Cloudera download site.