Fixed Issues in Apache Hive

Review the list of Hive issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.4.

CDPD-13345: In jdbcUrl add configuration to create External + purge table by default.
This issue is now resolved.
BUG-124161/PATCH-4123: Fixed lack of support for Hive ACID table replication.
CDPD-16123: Fixed the problem preventing spin off of a separate Hive on Tez session for the Hive Warehouse Connector.
CDPD-16040: Fixed the problem requiring the --hs2-url option in sqoop import.
The default JDBC URL is set to the HS2 URL automatically.
CDPD-12301: Fixed Spark Hive Streaming issue that caused HWC to fail and throw a java.lang.NoSuchMethodException message.
CDPD-9214: Fixed absence of query progress indicators when Spark-Hive queries through the Hive JDBC connector include a where clause.
CDPD-9214: Fixed the problem identifying the Tez YARN application ID or IDs run by a Spark session.
CDPD-9297: Fixed the issue with DESCRIBE statements from SparkSQL to fail.
CDPD-6761: Fixed how Apache Hive ignores the database location provided by Apache Spark.
OPSAPS-57198: Fixed the issue causing Erasure coding warnings to appear Cloudera Manager even though you were not using erasure coding.

Compaction issues fixed in this release

CDH-84872: HIVE-22705: LLAP cache is polluted by query-based compactor
CDPD-12497: HIVE-22971: Eliminate file rename in insert-only compactor
CDPD-12576: HIVE-23531: Major CRUD QB compaction failing with ClassCastException when vectorization off
CDPD-12577: HIVE-23703: Major QB compaction with multiple FileSinkOperators results in data loss and one
CDPD-13000: HIVE-23555: Cancel compaction jobs when hive.compactor.worker.timeout is reached
CDPD-13000: HIVE-23591: When Worker fails to connect to metastore it should wait before retrying
CDPD-14959: HIVE-23825: Create a flag to turn off _orc_acid_version file creation
CDPD-15116: HIVE-23853: CRUD based compaction also should update ACID file version metadata
CDPD-15884: HIVE-23966: Minor query-based compaction always results in delta directories with minWriteId=1
CDPD-15955: HIVE-23929: Run compaction as partition owner
CDPD-15956: HIVE-22255: Hive doesn’t trigger Major Compaction automatically if table contains only base files
CDPD-16031: HIVE-24001: Don’t cache MapWork in tez/ObjectCache during query-based compaction
CDPD-16132: HIVE-24024: Improve logging around CompactionTxnHandler
CDPD-16149: HIVE-24015: Disable query-based compaction on MR execution engine
CDPD-16183: HIVE-24023: Hive parquet reader can’t read files with length=0
CDPD-16298: HIVE-23763: Query based minor compaction produces wrong files when rows with different buckets Ids are processed by the same FileSinkOperator
CDPD-16471: HIVE-24089: Run QB compaction as table directory user with impersonation
CDPD-16578: HIVE-24096: Abort failed compaction’s txn on TException or IOException

Hive snapshot isolation issues fixed in this release

CDPD-17113: HIVE-23032: Add batching in Lock generation
CDPD-17114: HIVE-22750: Consolidate LockType naming
CDPD-17108: HIVE-23349: ACID: Concurrent MERGE INSERT operations produce duplicates
CDPD-17112: HIVE-24000: Put exclusive MERGE INSERT under the feature flag
CDPD-17109: HIVE-23503: ValidTxnManager doesn’t consider txns opened and committed between snapshot generation and locking when evaluating ValidTxnListState
CDPD-11683: HIVE-23311: Fix ValidTxnManager regression
CDPD-16308: HIVE-24125: Incorrect transaction snapshot invalidation with unnecessary writeset check for exclusive operations