Fixed Issues in Apache Impala

Review the list of Impala issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.4.

CDPD-10444: Update the version of Atlas used by Impala
Resolves the inconsistency between the versions of jackson-databind used by Atlas and Impala so that you no longer see the exception NoClassDefFoundError after the call to QueryEventHookManager#executeQueryCompleteHooks() in Impala.
CDPD-14548 and CDPD-13701: IMPALA-10060: Update PostgreSQL JDBC Driver (pgjdbc) for Impala (CVE-2020-13692).
Upgrades the library, PostgreSQL JDBC Driver (pgjdbc). The previous version 42.2.5 was affected with vulnerability CVE-2020-13692. It is upgraded to version 42.2.14. This issue is now resolved.