Fixed Issues in Streams Messaging Manager

Review the list of Streams Messaging Manager issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.4.

CDPD-12981: Security related header control is not available in Streams Messaging Manager.
Added Security related HTTP headers to Streams Messaging Manager UI server responses: Cache Control, XSS-PROTECTION, Content-Security-Policy, Strict-Transport-Security, X-Content-Type-Options, and X-Frame-Options.
CDPD-15552: Streams Messaging Manager throws ConsumerGroups exception.
Streams Messaging Manager tries to parse Kafka connectors as ConsumerGroups and throws the following exception:
Error reading field 'X': Error reading string of length....
OPSAPS-57410: Add Security related headers to the Streams Messaging Manager Rest API Server responses.
Strict-Transport-Security and Cache-Control are added. This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-14930: Streams Messaging Manager displays incorrect values of metrics.
For certain time periods, metrics such as Bytes In, Bytes out, Messages In are displaying incorrect value. This is due to CM metrics rollup where granularity of more than 1 min causes metrics to lose metric information resulting in incorrect calculation.
CDPD-14544: Streams Messaging Manager displays smaller topic metric values for larger time.
On the overview page, smaller topic metric values were displayed for larger time periods in comparison to the smaller time periods due to larger rollup intervals.
CDPD-14341: Visibility of metrics fetching failure needs improvement.
When Streams Messaging Manager fails to fetch metrics from CM, the failure is not visible on the UI and it is difficult to determine if there are any fetching errors in the logs.
Now, if Streams Messaging Manager fails to fetch metrics from CM, this failure will be saved and displayed when the user accesses the Streams Messaging Manager UI.
CDPD-10771: CPU usage charts showing incorrect values.
The CPU Usage charts for brokers on Streams Messaging Manager UI is showing incorrect values in CM.
OPSAPS-58007: Manually copy database driver libraries.
Users need to manually copy database driver libraries to the lib folders of Streams Messaging Manager.
Now, Streams Messaging Manager can use the database driver jars that are normally deployed to a shared location (typically: /usr/share/java).
OPSAPS-57745: CM displays incorrect role.
Cloudera Manager displays incorrect role status when the Streams Messaging Manager UI process fails or stops.
OPSAPS-57539: Streams Messaging Manager not usable after upgrade.
When upgrading the Cloudera Runtime, the previous Runtime's Streams Messaging Manager UI process was not being killed and making Streams Messaging Manager unusable.
Now, the Streams Messaging Manager UI stop script has been improved, so that it will kill the child processes to prevent the Streams Messaging Manager UI process from being stuck.
OPSAPS-57468: Hardcoded parcel directory causes failure.
Hardcoded parcel directory causes failure when non-standard path is used and TLS is enabled.
OPSAPS-55940: Connector jar location for Streams Messaging Manager changed.
Streams Messaging Manager used to come pre-packaged with the mysql jar file. This file needed to be located under the ./bootstrap/libs and ./libs directories in order for the startup script to find them. But the mysql connector JARs are not found in the libs folders anymore and you need to download the JARs and place them in the correct location manually.
Now, the fix adds configuration to use connector jars provided in default path according to the configured DB type.