Known issues in Ambari

Learn about the known issues in Ambari, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

BUG-123761: HDP do not appear when selecting the HDP stack.
HDP is behind the paywall. Contact Cloudera support for more information on downloading.
BUG-124410: When you are upgrading Ambari, delete Accumulo service.
None. Accumulo is not supported on any of the Ambari 7.1.x versions.
CDPQE-1655: After the cluster upgrade with knox sso and proxy enabled, the post upgrade Cloudera Manager tests are failing as it is going via knox sso.
Disable Ambari SSO before migrating the cluster as Ambari specific configurations are not migrated to Cloudera Manager and you must explicitly enable SSO in Cloudera Manager after migration.