Uninstall Cloudera Manager Agent and Managed Software

To uninstall Cloudera Manager Agent and managed software, stop the Cloudera Manager Agent on all hosts, remove the parcel installation, and run the clean command.

Do the following on all Agent hosts:
  1. Stop the Cloudera Manager Agent.
    sudo systemctl stop supervisord
  2. To uninstall managed software, run the following commands:
    RHEL: $ sudo yum remove 'cloudera-manager-*'Too difficult/impossible to hide entire rows and columns in this table, so I adding it to a draft comment for future use when packages and other OS's are supported. For DC 7.0 we only have RHEL compatible and Runtime parcel installs.
    sudo yum remove 'cloudera-manager-*'
    sudo apt-get purge 'cloudera-manager-*'
  3. Run the clean command:
    sudo yum clean all 
    sudo apt-get clean