What's New in Cloudera Manager 7.2.4

New features and changed behavior for Cloudera Manager.

Support for pluggable authentication modules (PAM)

Linux pluggable authentication modules (PAM) are now supported in Cloudera Manager.

Java Keystore Type

Cloudera Manager has added a new configuration "Java Keystore Type" which tells Cloudera Manager the type of keystore type to use when writing and reading keystore and truststore files. This configuration will also be passed down to component services. The value must be a valid keystore format such as "JKS", "PKCS12", or "BCFKS".

SAML signature algorithm update

Users can now select a SAML signature algorithm a SAML message will be signed with. The supported algorithms are RSA-SHA1, RSA-SHA256, RSA-SHA384, RSA-SHA512.

Configuration properties in CSD for SRM Service metric processing

New configuration fields have been added to CM for Streams Replication Manager reliability:

  • secondary->primary.metrics.period
  • metric.grace
  • metric.retention

SMM autoconfiguration of SRM

SMM now auto-configures its SRM connection based on a service dependency, and manual configuration options are removed. Affects CM > 7.2.3 with CDH >= 7.2.3.

Upgrade of Base Clusters with attached 7.x compute clusters

Upgrades of compute clusters, and of base clusters with one or more data contexts, from CDH 7.x to CDH 7.x are now supported.

Previously, CM could upgrade compute clusters or base-clusters with attached compute clusters and required you to remove all compute clusters and the SDX context, upgrade, and then re-build.

PostgreSQL JDBC driver upgrade

The Postgresql JDBC driver version used by CM has been upgraded to 42.2.14.jre7.