What's New in Apache Impala

Learn about the new features of Impala in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.5

Impala FIPS compliant cryptography

Cloudera Manager supports two methods of authentication for secure access to the Impala Catalog Server, Impala Daemon, and StateStore web servers: password-based authentication and SPNEGO authentication. From this release, Impala embedded Web Server will not support HTTP password-based authentication in FIPS approved mode since it's based on MD5 and does not comply with FIPS 140-2.

For details on FIPS encryption, see Configure CDP with FIPS-compliant encryption.

Added support to Bloom filter column predicate in Impala integrated with Kudu

Until this release, Impala supported Bloom filter predicate pushdown for HDFS/Parquet. Now Impala integrated with Kudu also supports this predicate.

Bloom filter column predicate pushdown has been added to allow optimized execution of filters which match on a set of column values with a false-positive rate. Support for Impala queries utilizing Bloom filter predicate is available yielding performance improvements of 19% to 30% in TPC-H benchmarks and around 41% improvement for distributed joins across large tables.