Configuring a Custom Java Home Location

Although not recommended, the Java Development Kit (JDK),, may be installed at a custom location if necessary. These steps assume you have already installed the JDK as documented in Step 2: Install Java Development Kit.

Cloudera strongly recommends installing the JDK at /usr/java/jdk-version, which allows Cloudera Manager to auto-detect and use the correct JDK version. If you install the JDK anywhere else, you must follow these instructions to configure Cloudera Manager with your chosen location. The following procedure changes the JDK location for Cloudera Management Services and Runtime cluster processes only. It does not affect the JDK used by other non-Cloudera processes, or gateway roles. To modify the Cloudera Manager configuration to ensure the JDK can be found:
  1. Open the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. In the left-side navigation bar, click Hosts > Hosts Configuration. If you are configuring the JDK location on a specific host only, click Hosts > All Hosts, select the specific host that you want to configure, and click the Configuration tab.
  3. Select Category > Advanced.
  4. Set the Java Home Directory property to the custom location.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Restart all services.