Fixed Issues in Streams Messaging Manager

Review the list of Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.6.

CDPD-19045: Kerberos rewrite rules should be applied for SMM Ranger Authorization.
Although SMM's Cloudera Manager config is configured, this was not being honored when authorizing against Ranger.
CDPD-19495: SMM UI does not show producer data on topics page.
The topics page, the topic profile pages, and the broker profile pages now show correct producer data.
CDPD-20493: Passive producers are shown as active in SMM.
SMM is showing all producers as active when Producers are queried for 30 minutes.
CDPD-20654: SMM fails to show replication flow status on the Replications tab.

As a result of an SRM Service REST API issue, replication flow status as well as the latest cluster and topic level metrics were not provided to SMM. This caused SMM to show no data for throughput, replication latency, and checkpoint latency even if replication was working properly.

This issue is fixed. SMM now correctly displays this information.

CDPD-20462: Upgrade jackson to or 2.11.0+ due to CVE-2020-25649.
This issue is resolved.
OPSAPS-57411: Configuration for metrics fetching in group or separately
You can configure the mode to fetch metrics in Streams Messaging Manager.
OPSAPS-57444: Streams Messaging Manager throws an error if keystore and private key password are not the same
Streams Messaging Manager secure configuration now supports non-matching key and keystore passwords. This affects CDH versions 7.2.2 and higher, and CDH versions 7.1.4 and higher.
OPSAPS-57539: Sometimes Streams Messaging Manager UI process does not get killed and prevents restarting it
The Streams Messaging Manager UI stop script has been improved, so that it will kill the child processes to prevent the Streams Messaging Manager UI process from being stuck.
OPSAPS-57745: Streams Messaging Manager UI Server failed to start but its status in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console still shows green
Cloudera Manager now correctly displays role status when the Streams Messaging Manager UI process fails or stops.
OPSAPS-58107: CSD support to configure caching in Streams Messaging Manager Authorizer
Streams Messaging Manager request processing is sped up by introducing an authorization cache. The default TTL of the cache is 30 seconds and it is configurable in Cloudera Manager. Setting the TTL to 0 disables the cache entirely.
OPSAPS-58990: Streams Messaging Manager Ranger plugin Solr audits fails with HTTP 403
Fixed Streams Messaging Manager Ranger plugin authorization issue with Solr. Audit events can now be logged to Solr.
OPSAPS-59124: Kafka, SMM, and SRM fail to start when there are multiple Ranger Admin roles running

Kafka can now correctly create the required resource based services in Ranger even if there are multiple Ranger Admin roles configured in the cluster.