What's New in Apache Impala

Learn about the new features of Impala in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.6.

Impyla Support

Added support to Impyla to connect to and submit SQL queries to Impala. Impyla is a Python client wrapper around the HiveServer2 Thrift Service. It connects to Impala and implements Python DB API 2.0

See Configuring Impyla for Impala for more information.

Access via Roles in CDP Impala

Impala with Sentry revolved around granting privileges to ROLES, and ROLES to GROUPS. Until this release, Impala’s integration with Ranger did not support ROLE related DDL statements. So as a workaround you had to migrate the ROLE-based authorization policies, manage them using Ranger's web UI, to handle them correctly in Impala. You will no longer need to use the Ranger’s web UI to manage the ROLEs in CDP 7.1.6 since ROLE statements in Impala are integrated with Ranger. After upgrading or migrating your workload from CDH to CDP you can use Apache Ranger as the authorization provider in Impala. This replaces Apache Sentry.

See ROLE statements in Impala integrated with Ranger for more information.

Improvements in impala-shell "profile" Command

Currently, the impala-shell 'profile' command only returns the profile of the most recent profile attempt. This release added support for returning both original and retried profiles for a retried query.

See Understanding Performance using Query Profile for more information.