What's New in Streams Replication Manager

Learn about the new features of Streams Replication Manager in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.6.

SRM high availability mode

You can now deploy SRM in high availability mode. For more information, see Enable high availability for Streams Replication Manager.

Replication specific Kafka Connect REST servers

SRM can now run multiple drivers in the same cluster (high availability). To make this possible, the SRM driver role now deploys a Kafka Connect REST server for each replication that you set up and configure. These REST servers ensure communication between the different instances of the driver role and make replication with multiple drivers in a single cluster possible.

If required, you can configure these REST servers in Cloudera Manager with the Streams Replication Manager's Replication Configs property and two specific prefixes. For more information, see Configuring replication specific Kafka Connect REST servers .

Grace and retention periods for SRM Service metrics are configurable

Configuration properties related to the SRM Service role’s metric processing are added. These properties give users the ability to configure the grace and retention periods of SRM Service role metrics. The properties added are the following:

  • SRM Service Metrics Grace Period (streams.replication.manager.service.streams.metrics.grace)

  • SRM Service Metrics Retention Period (streams.replication.manager.service.streams.metrics.retention)