Setting up a Yarn role group

Create a Yarn role group so that you can selectively enable GPU usage for nodes with GPUs within your cluster.

Enabling GPU on YARN through the Enable GPU Usage tickbox operates on cluster-level. Role groups in Yarn enable you to apply settings selectively, to a subset of nodes within your cluster.

Role groups are configured on the service level.
  1. In Cloudera Manager navigate to Yarn > Instances.
  2. Create a role group where you can add nodes with GPUs.
    For more information, see Creating a Role Group.
  3. Move role instances with GPUs to the group you created.
    On the Configuration tab select the source role group with the hosts you want to move, then click Move Selected Instances To Group and select the role group you created.
    You may need to restart the cluster.
  4. Enable GPU usage for the role group.
    1. On the Configuration tab select Categories > GPU Management.
    2. Under GPU Usage click Edit Individual Values and select the role group you created.
    3. Click Save Changes.