Creating a connector using Kafka Connect in SMM

Learn how to create a connector through Kafka Connect in your cluster.

Perform the following steps to create a connector:

  1. Click the New Connector option in the upper right corner of the Connect Cluster page.
    The Select A Connector screen appears.

  2. Go to Source Connectors or Sink Connectors tab based on your requirement.

    Both the tabs show the list of available connectors.

  3. Select a connector.
    The configuration options appear.

  4. Enter a name for the connector in the Connector Configuration section.

    A sample configuration appears for some connectors.

    The following image shows the sample configuration for HDFS sink connector:

  5. Optional. Modify the sample configuration as per your requirement.

    You can refer to environment variables by using a syntax similar to ${cm-agent:ENV:ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE_NAME}. You should replace the ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE_NAME with the exact environment variable name.

    Also, as shown in the sample configuration, you can refer to the keytab path by specifying ${cm-agent:keytab}.
  6. Click Validate.
  7. Click Next.
    The Configuration Review page appears.

  8. Review your connector configuration and click Deploy.
    The Deploying Connector dialog appears.

  9. Click View Connector Profile.

    The Connector Profile page appears where you can view your connector details.