Fixed Issues in Apache YARN

Review the list of YARN issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7 SP1.

COMPX-5201: Use right ResourceCalculator and exclude AM from calculations in CS Fairness based Preemption
Until this fix an incorrect calculator was used to check if resources can be preempted from an application when preemption was enabled with FairOrderingPolicy. This fix ensures that in such cases the correct resourceCalculator is used.
COMPX-7727: Deleting dynamic configuration not working
This is a Technical Preview feature related fix. Until this fix the Delete API was not implemented for the Config Service. As a result Dynamic Configurations could not be deleted using the YARN Queue Manager UI. This fix provides support for Dynamic Configuration deletion.
COMPX-7818: Wrong default version message when reordering placement rules
After reordering placement rules and clicking Save, the common box displayed an incorrect message: Added a new placement rule. This message is fixed, and the box displays: Reordered placement rules.
COMPX-7820: UI bug after adding or deleting a placement rule
After deleting a placement rule the placement rule overview page had to be reloaded before a new placement rule could be created.
COMPX-7828: Could not start dynamically created child queue
Dynamically created child queues could not be started or stopped under legacy managed parent queues in a percentage and absolute modes. This issue is fixed now.
COMPX-7831: Config service GET/versions improvement
Config-service performance issue has been resolved. The config service API for GET versions was modified so now it fetches faster.
COMPX-7887: Fix for CVE-2020-8908.
This issue is now resolved.
COMPX-8284: Maximum am resource percentage value is not updated for dynamically created queues

This issue is resolved.

COMPX-8419: Add menu option to update elastic cluster resource capacity in absolute mode for root queue
Until this release cluster resource capacity in absolute mode could not be modified for the root queue using the YARN Queue Manager.

Apache patch information

  • HADOOP-17777
  • HDFS-14977
  • MAPREDUCE-7307
  • YARN-6091
  • YARN-8148
  • YARN-8659
  • YARN-8664
  • YARN-8732
  • YARN-8864
  • YARN-8984
  • YARN-9011
  • YARN-9584
  • YARN-9601
  • YARN-9640
  • YARN-9642
  • YARN-9714
  • YARN-9728
  • YARN-9956
  • YARN-9993
  • YARN-10364
  • YARN-10393
  • YARN-10438
  • YARN-10467
  • YARN-10482
  • YARN-10501
  • YARN-10555
  • YARN-10649
  • YARN-10651
  • YARN-10701
  • YARN-10703
  • YARN-10720
  • YARN-10838
  • YARN-10852
  • YARN-10870
  • YARN-10911
  • YARN-10934
  • YARN-10980
  • YARN-10996