Fixed Issues in Apache Atlas

Review the list of Atlas issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

CDPD-19286: Atlas is configured to have X-XSRF-HEADER with random token to protect against CSRF attack.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-23721: Before this change Atlas HiveServer2 Hook that monitors Hive entities, had been sending technical metadata and lineage data to Atlas. This causes duplicate technical metadata since the same is sent by Hive Metastore Hook as well.
HS2 hook now sends only lineage data to Atlas. This reduces the volume of data sent by the hook by 60%. This also makes its behavior consistent with other hooks like Impala and Spark. This issue is resolved.
CDPD-25140: Entities that use Atlas Tasks to add classification propagation, need to indicate this by displaying the Task ID.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-26152: Handling of SET SERDE & SET FILEFORMAT for Create Table and CLUSTERED BY for Alter Table in Atlas
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-13803: Attribute search of QualifiedName begins with operator and not returning results when the value ends with a digit+dot.
This fix provides correct results of entities, when in basic search, search value has special characters or search value has digit+dot. This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-17968: Ambari to Cloudera Manager : Deleted entities in HDP-265 miss few attributes after migrated to CDH

Table-1234 (For example) is DELETED in HDP-2.6.5 and it is migrated to CDH-7.1.4. Attributes like name, db, owner are missing in DELETED entities whereas they are populated correctly in ACTIVE entities.


CDPD-19748: Update hive_db typedef to have managedlocation
Added "managedLocation" attribute to hive_db entity in Atlas. This issue is now resolved.

Apache patch information

  • ATLAS-4106
  • ATLAS-4163
  • ATLAS-4127
  • ATLAS-4137
  • ATLAS-4112
  • ATLAS-4354
  • ATLAS-4265
  • ATLAS-4269
  • ATLAS-4270
  • ATLAS-4204
  • ATLAS-4176
  • ATLAS-4064
  • ATLAS-4046