Fixed Issues in Hue

Review the list of Hue issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7 SP1.

CDPD-29398: Hue does not pick up Atlas information.
Hue now picks up Atlas entities with the qualified name.
CDPD-28523: Invalid attribute syntax in Hue find_groups_filter
The member attribute takes values in LDAP Distinguished Name format, per Request for Comments (RFC) 4519. Some LDAP implementations, notably Novell or NetIQ entirely reject the search if any of the filter elements are invalid. Previously, Hue sent "member=[***USERNAME***]" in addition to the syntactically correct "member=[***LDAP-DN***]". Hue now sends only the needed information without any extra "member=[***USERNAME***]" parameter based on RFC 4519.
CDPD-31556: Compression in Hue fails when selecting multiple files or folders
Hue allows you to compress multiple files in the script.
CDPD-31555: Hue should disable the local_infile system variable by default to prevent Server-side request forgery (SSRF) attack
Hue uses MySQL Connector/Python for communicating with the MySQL server. Previously, the value of the local_infile system variable in the RDBMS MySQL client in Hue was set to True which can potentially cause an SSRF attack, explained in issue no. 2373. The value of local_infile has been set to False to prevent the risk of accessing files of the Hue server through any unauthorized SQL server.
CDPD-29131: Impala query browser in Hue is issuing a 401 Authorization exception
By reading the password from the Hue configuration file, Hue gets authenticated from the Impala server. So Hue no longer displays the 401 authorization exception when you click on the query ID after running an Impala query.
CDPD-28169: Hue importer fails with READ permission due to IMPALA-10272
You can now set the value of the user_scratch_dir_permission parameter to True in the Hue Advanced Configuration Snippet to enable changing the permission of the Importer’s scratch directory and its contents so that Impala can read the content from the directory.
CDPD-29195: SQLSever JDBC interpreter issues a Invalid column name - 'TABLE_COMMENT' and 'COLUMN_COMMENT' message
This issue has been fixed.
CDPD-20910: Issue uploading larger files using the drag and drop functionality
Importing a large file in Hue using the drag and drop functionality no longer times out or fails.
CDPD-29135: Permission denied when trying to copy the shared workflow
This issue has been fixed by changing the permission of the hive-site.xml file from 700 to 755 in the shared workflow.
CDPD-29617: Hue is creating a home directory with nobody/hive or any other user
When you select the “Create home directory” option while adding a user to Hue, Hue no longer creates a user home directory with “nobody” or “hive” users.
CDPD-13631: Removed the python-crontab library
Hue no longer uses the python-crontab library.