What's New in Apache Impala

Learn about the new features of Impala in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

Added Support to Row-level filtering in Impala with Ranger policies

As of CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.7 Impala supports using Apache Ranger row-level filtering policies to set access policies for rows when reading from a table. Using this row-level filtering capability in Ranger you can set filters for specific users, groups, and conditions in Impala. This filtering policy is similar to other Ranger access policies and is implemented within the Impala Coordinator frontend. It brings Impala to a level of parity with the existing row level filtering that is available in Hive.

See Row-level filtering in Impala with Ranger policies for more information.

Added Missing Overloads of Mask Functions used in Ranger Default Masking Policies

The mask functions in Hive are implemented through GenericUDFs which can accept an infinite number of function signatures. Impala currently does not support GenericUDFs. However, Impala has built in mask functions that are implemented through overloads.

This release adds some missing overloads that could be used by Ranger default masking policies, e.g. MASK_HASH, MASK_SHOW_LAST_4, MASK_DATE_SHOW_YEAR, etc.

See Limitations on Mask Functions for more information.

Added a New Query Option

Added a new planner query option OPTIMIZE_SIMPLE_LIMIT to optimize the planning time for simple limit queries by only considering a minimal set of partitions. This query option also applies to subqueries and view.

Added Support to Customizing Kerberos Principals for Impala

As of this release Impala supports adding custom Kerberos principals to be used by all roles for this service.

See Customizing Kerberos Principals for Impala for information.