Change Queue Capacities

Run the following to change the queue properties.

Request URL


Request Body

  "properties": [
    { "name": "capacity", "value": "0" },
    { "name": "maximum-capacity", "value": "100" }
  "siblingCapacities": [
      "queuePath": "root.default",
      "queueName": "default",
      "capacity": "100",
      "maximum-capacity": "100"
  "message": "Changed child capacities for root"
Parameter Description
cm_host Cloudera Manager host address
Cluster-id Name of the cluster
queuePath Path to the queue
queueName Name of the queue
capacity Capacity of the queue
maximum-capacity Maximum capacity of the queue

Example Request

curl -v -X PUT -b cookie.txt --key cm-auto-host_key_decrypted.pem --cert cm-auto-host_cert_chain.pem --cacert cm-auto-global_cacerts.pem -H "Referer: https://<cm_host>:7183/cmf/clusters/Cluster%201/queue-manager/" -d @request.json