Downloading, staging, and activating the Oracle Instant Client parcel

The Oracle Instant Client 12 parcel is available on the Cloudera Archive outside the paywall. You can download it as a parcel from Cloudera Manager, and then distribute and activate it.

Use of this software requires acceptance of the Cloudera Redistribution License Agreement for Oracle Instant Client.

  1. Log into Cloudera Manager as an Administrator.
  2. Go to the Parcels page and click Parcel Repositories & Network Settings.
  3. On the Parcel Repository & Network Settings dialog box, add the following URL in the Remote Parcel Repository URLs field by clicking the add button:
  4. Click Save & Verify Configuration and close the dialog box.
  5. Click Check for New Parcels.
    The ORACLE_INSTANT_CLIENT appears in the list of available parcels.
  6. Find ORACLE_INSTANT_CLIENT and click Download, Distribute, and Activate.