Manage HBase snapshots using Cloudera Manager

For HBase services, you can use the Table Browser tab to view the HBase tables associated with a service on your cluster. You can view the currently saved snapshots for your tables, and delete or restore them.

From the HBase Table Browser tab, you can:

  • View the HBase tables for which you can take snapshots.
  • Initiate immediate (unscheduled) snapshots of a table.
  • View the list of saved snapshots currently maintained. These can include one-off immediate snapshots, as well as scheduled policy-based snapshots.
  • Delete a saved snapshot.
  • Restore from a saved snapshot.
  • Restore a table from a saved snapshot to a new table (Restore As).

Browsing HBase Tables

To browse the HBase tables to view snapshot activity:

  1. From the Clusters tab, select your HBase service.
  2. Go to the Table Browser tab.

Managing HBase Snapshots

To take a snapshot:
  1. Click a table.
  2. Click Take Snapshot.
  3. Specify the name of the snapshot, and click Take Snapshot.

To delete a snapshot, click and select Delete.

To restore a snapshot, click and select Restore.
To restore a snapshot to a new table, select Restore As from the menu associated with the snapshot, and provide a name for the new table.