Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 Cumulative hotfix 1

Know more about the Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 cumulative hotfixes 1.

This cumulative hotfix was released on October 28, 2022.

Following are the list of fixes that were shipped for Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 CHF1 (version: 7.7.1-33209161)
  • OPSAPS-62886 - Do not fetch replication history for high replication policy count
  • OPSAPS-63881 - Permissions of user directories under /var/lib/ is 700 on RHEL 8.4
  • OPSAPS-63988 - Upgrade pdfbox to 2.0.24+ due to CVE-2021-31812, CVE-2021-27807, CVE-2021-27906, and CVE-2021-31811
  • OPSAPS-64087 - Upgrade XercesImpl to 2.12.2 due to CVE-2022-23437, and CVE-2017-10355
  • OPSAPS-64287 - DAS: Add extra application connector configs
  • OPSAPS-64599 - The periodic HBase monitoring tasks and Service Monitor logs are flooded with NoClassDefFoundError error messages during the CDH 5 cluster management
  • OPSAPS-64695 - Make SMON/HMON updates cleanup period configurable
  • OPSAPS-64859 - The Replication History page does not load the history of the policy
  • OPSAPS-64602 - Unsupported ciphersuite on FIPS upgrade in 7.1.8 CHF1

    The repositories for Cloudera Manager 7.7.1-CHF1 are listed in the following table:

    Table 1. Cloudera Manager 7.7.1-CHF1
    Repository Type Repository Location
    RHEL 8 Compatible Repository:
    Repository File:
    RHEL 7 Compatible Repository:
    Repository File:
    SLES 12 Repository:
    Repository File:
    Ubuntu 20 Repository:
    Repository file:
    Ubuntu 18 Repository:
    Repository file: