Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 Cumulative hotfix 2

Know more about the Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 cumulative hotfixes 2.

This cumulative hotfix was released on November 28, 2022.

Following are the list of fixes that were shipped for Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 CHF2 (version: 7.7.1-34281315)
  • OPSAPS-62511 - Upgrade jsoup due to CVE-2021-37714
  • OPSAPS-62521 - Upgrade snakeyaml to 1.31 due to CVE-2017-18640, CVE-2022-25857, CVE-2022-38749, CVE-2022-38751, and CVE-2022-38750
  • OPSAPS-63984 - Upgrade commons-io to 2.11.0 due to CVE-2021-29425
  • OPSAPS-64032 - Upgrade poi to 5.2.2 due to CVE-2022-26336
  • OPSAPS-64080 - Upgrade requests to 2.27.1 due to CVE-2018-18074
  • OPSAPS-64082 - Upgrade esapi-java-legacy to due to CVE-2022-23457, and CVE-2022-24891
  • OPSAPS-64654 - Multiple Critical CVEs for jackson-databind in the most recent scan report for CM 7.6.2 and CM 7.8.0
  • OPSAPS-65098 - Update logredactor to 2.0.14 due to CVEs in jackson-databind
  • OPSAPS-62805 - Extend Log search feature for the log4j2
  • OPSAPS-64153 - Core Settings service is getting added twice during cluster provisioning using clustertemplateimportcommand in data hub.
  • OPSAPS-64614 - Cloudera Manager server fails to complete the upgrade and will not start, if a cluster had a legacy Core Configuration service with any number of Storage Operations roles.
  • OPSAPS-64655 - Performance issues in loading and using Hue
  • OPSAPS-64744 - NPE in Cloudera Manager upgrade if StubDFS created but no StorageOps roles present
  • OPSAPS-65040 - ImpalaFileFormatAnalysisRule should only inspect SCAN_NODE
  • OPSAPS-65064 - Prevents importing a cluster template containing a base cluster with a service of type CORE_SETTINGS.
  • OPSAPS-65143 - NPE in when adding Cloudera Management services

    The repositories for Cloudera Manager 7.7.1-CHF2 are listed in the following table:

    Table 1. Cloudera Manager 7.7.1-CHF2
    Repository Type Repository Location
    RHEL 8 Compatible Repository:
    Repository File:
    RHEL 7 Compatible Repository:
    Repository File:
    SLES 12 Repository:
    Repository File:
    Ubuntu 20 Repository:
    Repository file:
    Ubuntu 18 Repository:
    Repository file: