Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 Cumulative hotfix 2

Know more about the Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 cumulative hotfixes 2.

This cumulative hotfix was released on February 07, 2023.

Following known issues and their corresponding workarounds are shipped for Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 CHF2 (version: 7.7.3-36823125).
OPSAPS-65706: ZooKeeper fails to restart after rollback

ZooKeeper server role fails to restart when you perform a rollback from Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 version to Cloudera Manager versions lower than 7.7.3.

The reason for ZooKeeper restart to fail is that post a rollback operation the previous version’s ZooKeeper process starts and does not allow to start ZooKeeper process after rollback (as only 1 ZooKeeper process is allowed to stay running on the host).
To restore the ZooKeeper server role to a running state, perform the below steps on all the hosts when the ZooKeeper server role fails to restart:
  1. Run the following command to list the roles on the current host:
    sudo /opt/cloudera/cm-agent/bin/supervisorctl -c /run/cloudera-scm-agent/supervisor/supervisord.conf status
  2. Find the failing role in the above list, then run the following command to stop the role:
    sudo /opt/cloudera/cm-agent/bin/supervisorctl -c /run/cloudera-scm-agent/supervisor/supervisord.conf
    supervisor> stop 123-zookeeper-server 
    supervisor> remove 123-zookeeper-server 
    supervisor> exit
    Replace the role id "123" with the appropriate number from the list in step 1.
  3. Run the following command to terminate the Zookeeper processes by finding the PIDs:
    sudo ps -ef | grep -i zookeeper
  4. Run the following command to remove the supervisor.conf of ZooKeeper from supervisor:
    rm /run/cloudera-scm-agent/supervisor/include/123-zookeeper-server.conf
    sudo kill -9 <PIDS obtained from the previous command>
  5. Run the following command to refresh the configurations:
    sudo /opt/cloudera/cm-agent/bin/supervisorctl -c /run/cloudera-scm-agent/supervisor/supervisord.conf reread
  6. Start the ZooKeeper service from the Cloudera Manager UI.
Following are the list of fixed issues that were shipped for Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 CHF2 (version: 7.7.3-36823125)
  • OPSAPS-65578 - Fixed Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 dependency issue on Python 2
  • OPSAPS-65557 - Fixed an issue where the Cloudera Manager agent fails to upgrade when you upgrade Cloudera Manager server from version 7.7.1 to 7.7.3.
  • OPSAPS-65589 - Fixed an issue where the Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 is unable to start Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas services.
  • OPSAPS-65443 - Fixed an issue where the Apache Phoenix service unable to start in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base 7.1.8.
  • OPSAPS-65623 - Fixed an issue where Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 unable to detect Python 3.8 from Redhat 7 Software Collections (SCL) repository.
  • OPSAPS-64153 - Fixed an issue where the Core Settings service is getting added twice during cluster provisioning using a cluster template.
  • OPSAPS-64614 - Fixed a Cloudera Manager upgrade issue, where the Cloudera Manager server fails to complete the upgrade and will not start, if a cluster had a legacy Core Configuration service with any number of Storage Operations roles.
  • OPSAPS-65648 - Fixed an issue where the Data Analytics Studio, Query Processor, Key Trustee Server services unable to start without Python 2.

    The repositories for Cloudera Manager 7.7.3-CHF2 are listed in the following table:

    Table 1. Cloudera Manager 7.7.3-CHF2
    Repository Type Repository Location
    RHEL 8 Compatible Repository:
    Repository File:
    RHEL 7 Compatible Repository:
    Repository File:
    IBM PowerPC RHEL 8
    IBM PowerPC RHEL 7