Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 Cumulative hotfix 3

Know more about the Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 cumulative hotfixes 3.

This cumulative hotfix was released on May 09, 2023.

Following are the list of fixed issues that were shipped for Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 CHF3 (version: 7.7.3-h3-40765691):
OPSAPS-65999: has Python 3 compatibility issues and an error occurs while performing any certificate generation and rotation operations
Fixed an issue in cert-manager code that decoded output from native OS commands. When Cloudera Manager attempts operations related to certificate generation or rotation, those operations may fail. Errors in the log file will indicate problems with string decoding. Running the cert-manager script directly from the CLI would also result in string decoding errors.
OPSAPS-67130: Log4J 1.2.17 replaced with Reload4J
In this release, Cloudera has replaced all Apache Log4j 1.2.x logging libraries included with Cloudera Manager 7.7.3 Cumulative hotfix 2 with equivalent Reload4j libraries.

The repositories for Cloudera Manager 7.7.3-CHF3 are listed in the following table:

Table 1. Cloudera Manager 7.7.3-CHF3
Repository Type Repository Location
RHEL 8 Compatible Repository:
Repository File:
RHEL 7 Compatible Repository:
Repository File: