Ranger RAZ Metrics API

One Ranger RAZ API returns a response in JSON format. The other Ranger RAZ API returns a response in prometheus compatible format. Neither API that fetches Ranger RAZ metrics requires authentication as it does not provide any sensitive information. Both APIs return the same value. By default the metrics collection happens every 30 sec. You can reduce (or increase) the metrics collection interval using the hadoop-metrics2.properties file.

You can access two APIs that fetch Ranger RAZ metrics.

JSON compatible API:

accessible at a url with format:



Prometheus compatible API:

accessible at a url with format:




The response is grouped into raz & Ranger JVM categories. Since both APIs return the same value, only json responses are discussed in this document.

This group of metrics gives all metrics related to RAZ application.

Sample json response follows:

 "Raz": {
       "SpoolDirSizeSOLR": 0,
       "SpoolDirSizeHDFS": 67123185,
       "AuthzTime": 109873,
       "AuthzCount": 190,
       "AuthzALLOWED": 100,
       "AuthzDENIED": 80,
       "AuthzNOTDETERMINED": 10,
Ranger JVM:

This metrics group represents the JVM metrics needed to get internal state of admin.

Sample json response follows:

"RangerJvm": {
        "GcTimeTotal": 5315,
        "SystemLoadAvg": 3.91,
        "ThreadsBusy": 2250,
        "GcCountTotal": 472,
        "MemoryMax": 1066401792,
        "MemoryCurrent": 179763416,
        "ThreadsWaiting": 2248,
        "GcTimeMax": 5002,
        "ThreadsBlocked": 25,
        "ThreadsRemaining": 4