Ozone replication policies

Apache Ozone is a scalable, distributed, and high performance object store optimized for big data workloads and can handle billions of objects of varying sizes. Ozone storage is co-located on HDFS. You can create Ozone replication policies in CDP Private Cloud Base Replication Manager to replicate data in Ozone buckets between CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 clusters or higher using Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 or higher.

Cloudera supports the following types of Ozone storage:

  • Object store buckets (OBS), which are storage buckets where all the keys are written into a flat namespace and can be accessed using S3 interface provided by Ozone.
  • File System Optimization (FSO), which are Hadoop-compatible file system buckets where the rename and delete operations on the directories are atomic. These buckets can be accessed using Filesystem APIs and S3 interfaces.
  • Legacy buckets, which are Ozone buckets created prior to CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 and use the Ozone File System (ofs) protocol or scheme.
Ozone replication policies support data replication between:
  • FSO buckets in source and target clusters using ofs protocol.
  • legacy buckets in source and target clusters using ofs protocol.
  • OBS buckets in source and target clusters that support S3A filesystem using the S3A scheme or replication protocol.

Skipping data transfer based on file checksum is supported for FSO buckets and legacy buckets and snapshot diff-based incremental replication is not available.