Deprecation Notices in HDFS

Certain features and functionality in HDFS are deprecated or removed in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8. You must review these changes along with the information about the features in HDFS that will be removed or deprecated in a future release.

Use the following list to understand some of the deprecated items and incompatibilities if you are upgrading from CDH 5.x or higher or HDP 2.x or higher to CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8.

Known incompatibilities when upgrading from CDH and HDP

Cloudera Runtime uses Apache Hadoop 3.1.x whereas CDH 5.x and HDP 2.x use Apache Hadoop 2.6.x and 2.7.x respectively.

Major change

HADOOP-11661 and HADOOP-12967: The copyMerge function used to consolidate the PART* files has been removed. Instead, use the hadoop fs -getmerge shell command in Zeppelin or command line interface for Spark jobs.

Public APIs that are no longer available

The following public APIs are no longer supported in CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8:

  • FileStatus.flags ( boolean acl, boolean crypt, boolean ec, boolean sn )[static] : Set<FileStatus.AttrFlags>

  • FileStatus.setSnapShotEnabledFlag ( boolean isSnapShotEnabled ) : void

  • SpanReceiverInfo.getClassName ( ) : String

  • SpanReceiverInfo.getId ( ) : long

  • SpanReceiverInfoBuilder.addConfigurationPair ( String key, String value ) : void

  • ( ) : SpanReceiverInfo

  • SpanReceiverInfoBuilder.SpanReceiverInfoBuilder ( String className )

Class or method changes

[−] HdfsFileStatus

Change Effect
This class is an interface A client program might be interrupted by an IncompatibleClassChangeError or InstantiationError exception depending on the usage of this class.

[−] MBeans

Change Effect
This class is final A client program might be interrupted by a VerifyError exception.

[−] HdfsAuditLogger

Change Effect
The Method HdfsAuditLogger.logAuditEvent ( boolean, String, InetAddress, String, String, String, FileStatus, CallerContext, UserGroupInformation, DelegationTokenSecretManager ) is abstract. A client program might be interrupted by an InstantiationError exception.

[−] MBeans.MBeans( )


Change Effect
The public access level for this class is private. A client program might be interrupted by an IllegalAccessError exception.

[−] HdfsAuditLogger.logAuditEvent ( boolean succeeded, String userName, InetAddress addr, String cmd, String src, String dst, FileStatus stat, CallerContext callerContext, UserGroupInformation ugi, DelegationTokenSecretManager dtSecretManager ) : void

Change Effect
This method is abstract. A client program trying to create an instance of the method's class might be interrupted by an InstantiationError exception.