Fixed Issues in Apache Hadoop YARN and YARN Queue Manager

Review the list of Apache Hadoop YARN and YARN Queue Manager issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

OPSAPS-50291: "HADOOP_HOME,PATH,LANG,TZ" are now added by default to the yarn.nodemanager.env-whitelist Yarn configuration option.
This issue is fixed.
COMPX-4871: All YARN Queue Manager Operations validation request fails after reaching 260 levels
Once having 260 or more queue levels, the YARN Queue Manager validation request for any operations (Add, Delete, Stop, Edit) failed. In other words, queues up to 260 levels is the threshold up to which YARN Queue Manager worked fine and after that it started to fail in performing the operation.This fix removes this limitation.
COMPX-4920: Node Labels are not sorted by created time in the Node Labels grid/base page
With this fix all Node Labels in the grid are sorted by the time they were created, so that the lastly created label is at the bottom.
COMPX-5252: YARN Queue Manager does not support direct migration between weight and absolute resource allocation mode
YARN Queue Manager UI did not support direct migration neither from weight resource allocation mode to absolute resource allocation mode, nor from absolute resource allocation mode to weight resource allocation mode. This issue is resolved.
COMPX-5255: Cannot enable "auto queue creation" for "root" in weight mode
Enabling the dynamic child queue creation feature for root queue is now possible.
COMPX-5755: YARN Queue Manager UI allows to create partition named “default”
YARN Queue Manager UI supported the creation of a partition named "default". This could cause issues in the UI since the system has a default partition named "default". This fix prevents the user from creating such a partition, and also adds duplicate partition name validation when creating a new partition.
COMPX-6207: Disabling queue auto deletion does not work in YARN
Before this fix when auto queue deletion was disabled for a specific parent queue, the auto-created queues under that parent queue were deleted once the job was done and after the expiration timeout. With this fix the auto-created queues are not deleted if auto queue deletion is disabled for that queue.
COMPX-6628: Unable to delete single leaf queue assigned to a partition
It was not supported to delete a single leaf queue using the YARN Queue Manager UI if the queue was assigned to a partition.
COMPX-6665: Could not change allocation mode to relative (from absolute) when there is a partition with no hosts and no queues assigned
With this fix users can change the resource allocation mode to relative if there are no hosts and queues assigned to the partition.
COMPX-6779: Not able to add new queue to leaf queue with partition capacity in absolute mode
This issue is fixed.
COMPX-6949, COMPX-7818: Wrong default version message when reordering placement rules
After reordering placement rules and clicking Save, the common box displayed an incorrect message: Added a new placement rule. This message is fixed, and the box displays: Reordered placement rules.
COMPX-7292: Add option to disable auto creation of a queue in weight mode
Previously if you enabled the dynamic child creation feature for a queue you could not disable it; you had to remove the parent queue and then recreate it. This fix enables you to disable the auto child creation feature for a queue.
COMPX-7522, COMPX-7828: Could not start dynamically created child queue
Dynamically created child queues could not be started or stopped under legacy managed parent queues in percentage and absolute modes. This issue is fixed now.
COMPX-7594: Minimum User Limit field fractional percentages inconsistency
The Minimum User Limit field previously accepted fractional percentages. This issue has been fixed and the field does not accept fractional percentages anymore.
COMPX-7619: Placement Rules "View" button should be available in read-only mode
This fix adds the View options for placement rules for non-admin users when read-only mode is configured in YARN Queue Manager UI.
COMPX-7822: User Limit Factor property should accept -1
The User Limit Factor property now accepts -1 as a value.
COMPX-8162: Maximum AM resource percentage value is not updated for dynamically created queues
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-8360: Yarn Queue Manager UI wipes out all Placement Rules when an invalid rule is added
When an invalid placement rule is created, the previously created valid placement rules were removed by the YARN Queue Manager UI, while the configuration file did not remove them. With this fix, the YARN Queue Manager UI does not remove the previously created valid placement rules anymore.
COMPX-8598: Fix commissioning/recommissioning NodeManager failure in YARN
When the property is set to zk and YARN Queue Manager is not installed and enabled in a cluster every YARN node decommission causes an exception. With this fix, no refreshQueues command is called when ZooKeeper configuration store is used, but YARN Queue Manager is not.
COMPX-10674: Not able to edit children capacities with decimal values after weight to relative mode conversion
User was not be able to update Child queue capacity with decimal values after weight to relative mode conversion
COMPX-10771, COMPX-11178: Cannot add node label if active/standby ResourceManagers have flipped
Users was not be able to access YARN Queue Manager UI while ResourceManager failover happens and the standby RM is down
COMPX-10973: Fix -ve calculation in Fairness Based intra queue preemption.
This issue is fixed.
OPSAPS-61245: Banned users should be the same as custom users
CM 7.5.3 and CM 7.7.1 automatically fills the banned users values based on the customized process users.
OPSAPS-63181: The value of mapreduce.cluster.acls.enabled is not generated into YARN RM's mapred-site.xml
Enable Job ACL configuration is now generated for all the necessary roles.

Apache patch information

Apache patches in this release. These patches do not have an associated Cloudera bug ID.

  • MAPREDUCE-7307
  • YARN-2710
  • YARN-6221
  • YARN-6492
  • YARN-6272
  • YARN-8148
  • YARN-8659
  • YARN-8732
  • YARN-8864
  • YARN-8984
  • YARN-9011
  • YARN-9290
  • YARN-9431
  • YARN-9551
  • YARN-9569
  • YARN-9584
  • YARN-9601
  • YARN-9640
  • YARN-9642
  • YARN-9714
  • YARN-9728
  • YARN-9773
  • YARN-9810
  • YARN-9956
  • YARN-10012
  • YARN-10393
  • YARN-10355
  • YARN-10364
  • YARN-10393
  • YARN-10438
  • YARN-10467
  • YARN-10501
  • YARN-10503
  • YARN-10522
  • YARN-10555
  • YARN-10576
  • YARN-10590
  • YARN-10632
  • YARN-10646
  • YARN-10651
  • YARN-10657
  • YARN-10701
  • YARN-10720
  • YARN-10727
  • YARN-10790
  • YARN-10802
  • YARN-10814
  • YARN-10838
  • YARN-10850
  • YARN-10856
  • YARN-10869
  • YARN-10870
  • YARN-10872
  • YARN-10874
  • YARN-10897
  • YARN-10901
  • YARN-10904
  • YARN-10907
  • YARN-10909
  • YARN-10910
  • YARN-10913
  • YARN-10915
  • YARN-10916
  • YARN-10919
  • YARN-10924
  • YARN-10929
  • YARN-10935
  • YARN-10942
  • YARN-10944
  • YARN-10947
  • YARN-10948
  • YARN-10949
  • YARN-10950
  • YARN-10951
  • YARN-10954
  • YARN-10958
  • YARN-10974
  • YARN-10980
  • YARN-10983
  • YARN-10985
  • YARN-10995
  • YARN-10997
  • YARN-11006
  • YARN-11014
  • YARN-11023
  • YARN-11024
  • YARN-11043
  • YARN-11067
  • YARN-11152
  • YARN-11185