Fixed Issues in Apache Hive

Review the list of Hive issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

OPSAPS-58664: Hive LDAP properties pushed to hive-site.xml
After setting LDAP properties in Hive on Tez service, the configurations are not pushed into the hive-site.xml for Hive on Tez service even after a restart.
This issue is now fixed.
OPSAPS-64585: For a FIPS-enabled cluster, the Beeline client connection fails with an "Invalid keystore format" error
The default Hive JDBC URL in beeline-site.xml does not include the trustStoreType parameter that is required for FIPS-enabled clusters.This makes the URL invalid and connection fails with an "Invalid keystore format" error.
This issue is now fixed by adding "trustStoreType=bcfks" to the JDBC URL in beeline-site.xml for a FIPS-enabled cluster.
CDPD-40476: Fix case-insensitivity of window functions in vectorized execution.
CDPD-42669: Fix converting join to mapjoin when join column referenced more than once.
CDPD-35251: Create table statement based on HbaseStorage handler will not drop underlying HBase table if the create table statement fails.
OPSAPS-63823: Removes the state constraint for HMS to upgrade schema.
OPSAPS-63377: cdh7.thrift.version was upgraded to 0.16.0.
OPSAPS-63030: The Hive replication metrics getter fails for some Hive ACID replications. This happens due to bad JDBC url that has been constructed incorrectly as the TLS parameters are repeated. This has been fixed/corrected.
CDPD-40818: Fixes the schema upgrade issue during the upgrade testing.
CDPD-40730 PARQUET-1682: Forward compatibility for TIME/TIMESTAMP
PARQUET-1682 was backported to maintain forward compatibility for TIME/TIMESTAMP. This resolves the incompatibility between Hive's direct Parquet dependency and the transitive Parquet versions brought in by Iceberg.
CDPD-39771: Spark writes to Iceberg (StorageHandler) table fail due to authorization failure
This issue has been fixed.
CDPD-39708: This patch uses guava dependency version from cdpd repro.
CDPD-39520: unix_timestamp() is ignoring the time zone value and gives wrong result when the input is of type string.
CDPD-39103: This is a CVE fix which addresses "Alter Table Rename command" which can create a table in a database without write permission.
CDPD-35381: This fixes the security issue where restricted user is able to create external table on specified location.
CDPD-33815: Change Date/Timestamp parser from LENIENT to STRICT.
CDPD-31811: cron-utils dependency is upgraded to 9.1.6 version.
CDPD-31048: This patch provides a way to create only external tables in a database using a hive config.
CDPD-30880: Added support to decide on the default table type at the database level.
CDPD-30231: MetastoreTransformer is disabled during unit/qfile testing.
CDPD-29773: Add/Drop constraints statements are now authorized in HS2.
CDPD-29405: Provide a configurable filter for removing useless properties from PartitionDesc objects before MapWork serialization.
CDPD-29295: date_format() always returns output in UTC (ignores local timezone).
CDPD-28808: Fix from_unixtime() to consider leap seconds.
CDPD-23454: Thrift version upgraded to 0.14.1 after this patch to avoid CVE.
CDPD-21365: Drop catalog failing with deadlock error for Oracle backend dbms.
CDPD-24708, BUG-125154: Getting SparkSession None when calling executeQuery() from pyspark

Apache Patch Information

  • HIVE-10362
  • HIVE-25989
  • HIVE-25137
  • HIVE-25380
  • HIVE-25217
  • HIVE-22967
  • HIVE-25242
  • HIVE-25137
  • HIVE-20833
  • HIVE-24589
  • HIVE-24596
  • HIVE-26109
  • HIVE-26270
  • HIVE-22957
  • HIVE-25726
  • HIVE-24433
  • HIVE-21498
  • HIVE-24978
  • HIVE-25224
  • HIVE-25278
  • HIVE-24951
  • HIVE-25338
  • HIVE-25458
  • HIVE-25403
  • HIVE-25306
  • HIVE-25093
  • HIVE-24501
  • HIVE-25150
  • HIVE-23756
  • HIVE-24378
  • HIVE-24209
  • HIVE-25061
  • HIVE-25058
  • HIVE-24746
  • HIVE-24710
  • HIVE-23870
  • HIVE-24550
  • HIVE-22054
  • HIVE-21489
  • HIVE-25159
  • HIVE-25263
  • HIVE-25219
  • HIVE-25104
  • HIVE-24249
  • HIVE-23779
  • HIVE-22247
  • HIVE-24590
  • HIVE-25501
  • HIVE-25441
  • HIVE-24670
  • HIVE-24337
  • HIVE-25085
  • HIVE-25549
  • HIVE-25303
  • HIVE-24954
  • HIVE-24920
  • HIVE-25142
  • HIVE-25545
  • HIVE-25686
  • HIVE-25498
  • HIVE-25724
  • HIVE-25826
  • HIVE-25570
  • HIVE-24781
  • HIVE-25503
  • HIVE-25449
  • HIVE-24808
  • HIVE-23688
  • HIVE-22412
  • HIVE-16587
  • HIVE-25331
  • HIVE-25329
  • HIVE-25630
  • HIVE-25579
  • HIVE-25517
  • HIVE-26396
  • HIVE-25782
  • HIVE-25521
  • HIVE-26055
  • HIVE-25988
  • HIVE-26258
  • HIVE-25864
  • HIVE-26416
  • HIVE-26373
  • HIVE-26452
  • HIVE-26269
  • HIVE-25475
  • HIVE-25528
  • HIVE-23556
  • HIVE-26340
  • HIVE-26235
  • HIVE-26233
  • HIVE-22670
  • HIVE-26096
  • HIVE-26274
  • HIVE-25534
  • HIVE-26219
  • HIVE-26199
  • HIVE-25963
  • HIVE-25659
  • HIVE-25728
  • HIVE-25756
  • HIVE-25742
  • HIVE-25609
  • HIVE-25602
  • HIVE-25596
  • HIVE-25550
  • HIVE-25538
  • HIVE-25433
  • HIVE-25387
  • HIVE-25374
  • HIVE-25367
  • HIVE-25350
  • HIVE-25330
  • HIVE-25246
  • HIVE-25207
  • HIVE-25165
  • HIVE-26350
  • HIVE-26029
  • HIVE-25154
  • HIVE-25133
  • HIVE-25092
  • HIVE-25086
  • HIVE-25059
  • HIVE-25035
  • HIVE-25002
  • HIVE-25000
  • HIVE-24961
  • HIVE-24956
  • HIVE-24953
  • HIVE-24946
  • HIVE-24924
  • HIVE-24919
  • HIVE-24918
  • HIVE-25632
  • HIVE-24912
  • HIVE-24852
  • HIVE-23801
  • HIVE-23316
  • HIVE-22626
  • HIVE-26139
  • HIVE-26105
  • HIVE-26098
  • HIVE-25414
  • HIVE-25874
  • HIVE-25754
  • HIVE-26015

Technical Service Bulletins

TSB 2022-600: Renaming translated external partition table shows empty records in Apache Hive
For the latest update on this issue see the corresponding Knowledge article: TSB 2022-600: Renaming translated external partition table shows
TSB 2023-627: IN/OR predicate on binary column returns wrong result
For the latest update on this issue see the corresponding Knowledge article: TSB 2023-627: IN/OR predicate on binary column returns wrong result