Fixed Issues in Hue

Review the list of Hue issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

CDPD-20376: New users are not added to the "default" group with OIDCBackend
Earlier, new Hue users authenticating using OpenID Connect (OIDCBackend) were not added to the "default" Hue group. This issue has been fixed.
CDPD-34241: Line chart visualization not working in Hue
Earlier, Hue displayed a bar chart instead of a line chart on the Results tab when you click on the chart icon and try to visualize the result in the linear format. This issue has been fixed.
CDPD-18426: "Location" link on the Table Browser page does not work
When you click the location link on the Table Browser page, Hue now opens the File Browser in a new browser tab which displays table details.
CDPD-14904: Hue audit logs are no longer being collected
Cloudera Navigator service was decommissioned in CDP, and you could no longer obtain Hue audit logs. This issue has been fixed. You can now collect the Hue audit logs from the /var/log/hue/audit.log file.
CDPD-40785: Export All feature in Hue needs a location to be passed but fails to export as the managed table does not accept location
Earlier, exporting query results using the "Export ALL" feature used to fail because the managed tables did not accept a location other than the one set in Hive. This issue has been fixed.
CDPD-40194: Hue gets AccessDeniedException when creating Phoenix SYSTEM tables
When creating Phoenix SYSTEM tables in Hue, you would get an AccessDeniedException error in Hue. This issue has been fixed by switching to a supported impersonation method for the Phoenix driver.
CDPD-29285: Enable LDAP TLS in Hue configs does not work as expected
This issue has been fixed by enforcing Cloudera Manager to set the use_start_tls property irrespective of the value in the ldap_cert property.
CDPD-25423: Downloaded query logs contain the error.json file, but does not fetch container logs
The debug bundles zip file no longer contains the logs. You can customize, generate, and view the logs by going to Cloudera Manager > Diagnostics > Logs.

Apache Patch Information

  • HUE-9517
  • HUE-9496