Fixed Issues in Apache Impala

Review the list of Impala issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

OPSAPS-64115: Add extra add-opens JVM options when running Impala on Java 11.
IMPALA-11445: Fix insertion failure which happens when inserting data to a table with partitions located on different file systems.
IMPALA-11152: Impala logs too much error message when the log file symlink is not found.
IMPALA-3343: impala-shell can be used with Python 3 by installing the latest release from PyPI at
IMPALA-10492: Impala query planning went too long due to heavy CNF expression rewrite.
IMPALA-10212: Impala did not work correctly with Ozone paths using the ofs file system scheme in CDP 7.1.7.
IMPALA-10745: Support Kerberos over HTTP for impala-shell.
IMPALA-10652: Compute incremental stats issue.
IMPALA-9484: Backport the recent catalogd fixes from upstream to CDH-7.1-maint branch.
IMPALA-10811: RPC to submit query getting stuck for AWS NLB forever..
IMPALA-10923: Catalogd fine grained refresh with events.
IMPALA-10652: Impala False positives when calculating incremental statistics.

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Technical Service Bulletins

  • IMPALA-11444
  • IMPALA-10492
  • IMPALA-10801
  • IMPALA-11391