Fixed Issues in Apache Kudu

Review the list of Kudu issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

CDPD-40027: Ranger plugin unable to start up
Removed logredactor jar from plugins-common as ranger-kudu subprocess fails to initialize. Added logredactor dependency in ranger-rms-hive plugin so that it can package into ews/lib folder while building ranger-rms tar file.
KUDU-1959: Fix the counter in StartupProgressStepsRemainingMetric()
Before this fix the counter in StartupProgressStepsRemainingMetric() was incremented twice if tablets are not processed during the startup of a tablet server.
KUDU-3346: Fix rebalancer tool fails to run with ‘--ignored_tservers’
Prior to this patch the validity of 'ignored_tservers' was checked when 'BuildClusterinfo', which leads to a failure when the 'raw_info' only contains information of tservers on a specific location. This patch fixes it by moving the parameter validity check into 'KsckResultsToClusterRawInfo', because ksck results contain original cluster information.

Apache Patch Information

  • KUDU-75
  • KUDU-1260
  • KUDU-1620
  • KUDU-1885
  • KUDU-1921
  • KUDU-3297
  • KUDU-3308
  • KUDU-3344