Fixed issues in Apache Ozone

Review the list of Ozone issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

OPSAPS-64467: This issue is fixed by following config changes made to source and Target cluster after the upgrade of clusters from 7.1.7 to 7.1.8:
Step 1 is to Kinit into cluster with om.keytab, step 2 is to run ozone admin scm finalizeupgrade,and step3 is to run ozone admin om finalizeupgrade -id=ozone1.
OPSAPS-64425: 'Transfer Listing File from Peer Cluster' failing on target in OBS mode.
OPSAPS-64016: Ozone service status will now reflect Ozone Manager, Storage Container Manager and Ozone DataNode health status correctly.
OPSAPS-63998: An Ozone Manager config has been added in Cloudera Manager to enable Ozone S3 Multi-Tenancy. To enable Ozone S3 Multi-Tenancy, Kerberos Authentication must be enabled.
OPSAPS-61841: Fixed ozone code to fix the upgrade issue which is causing to fail SCM when container token is enabled.
OPSAPS-57827: If an Ozone Manager or Storage Container Manager has not been finalized after upgrade, the canary indicator will turn yellow.
CDPD-41416: Reject property change requests on link buckets. Setting Bucket Property and not corrupting bucket layout.
CDPD-39982: Leader SCM in SCM HA may fail to start completely. This in turn causes OM and other Ozone components to be stuck during startup.
CDPD-35571: Upgraded Ozone's netty to 4.1.77 due to CVE-2022-24823, CVE-2021-37136, CVE-2021-37137, CVE-2021-43797.
CDPD-27130: Added two new confs
hdds.scm.replication.container.inflight.deletion.limit to limit the maximum number of inflight replication and the maximum number of inflight deletion, respectively.
CDPD-26510: Fixed an issue in ofs:// where mkdir -p could not create the volume in the path if the volume does not exist. (HDDS-5279).
OPSAPS-63227: CM now has Ozone SCM safemode monitoring to detect Ozone liveliness.
CDPD-41171: 0G data moved by container balancer after successful iteration.
OPSAPS-63080: Ozone prometheus does not work in HTTPS enabled cluster when SCM HA is enabled.

Apache Patch Information

  • HDDS-6749
  • HDDS-5298
  • HDDS-7081
  • HDDS-7056
  • HDDS-6992
  • HDDS-7015
  • HDDS-6941
  • HDDS-6934
  • HDDS-6924
  • HDDS-6907
  • HDDS-6882
  • HDDS-6813
  • HDDS-6811
  • HDDS-3816
  • HDDS-6899
  • HDDS-5964
  • HDDS-6976
  • HDDS-7453