Fixed Issues in Streams Replication Manager

Review the list of Streams Replication Manager issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

OPSAPS-61278: The SRM Client’s secure storage fails to generate correctly in FIPS-enabled clusters
In a FIPS enabled cluster, the SRM Client’s secure storage is now correctly generated. The automatically generated configuration used by the srm-control tool no longer contains unresolvable references. SRM secure storage can be used in FIPS enabled clusters without additional configuration.
CDPD-31745: SRM Control fails to configure internal topic when target is earlier than Kafka 2.3
SRM now creates all internal topics explicitly. SRM also verifies the essential configurations of internal topics at startup, and fails if the topic does not meet the required configurations.
OPSAPS-60823: Configuring the SRM Client's secure storage is mandatory for unsecured environments
The srm-control tool no longer fails to run in an unsecured cluster. Unnecessary additional configs have been removed from the srm-control tool's configuration when it is used in an unsecured cluster.
OPSAPS-61001: Saving configuration changes for SRM is not possible
The SRM Client's Secure Storage Password property is no longer a mandatory property.
CDPD-14019: SRM may automatically re-create deleted topics on source clusters
Deleted topics are no longer automatically re-created on source clusters.
OPSAPS-61814: Using the service dependency method to define Kerberos enabled co-located clusters is not supported
When the Streams Replication Manager Co-located Kafka Cluster Alias configuration is used to auto-configure the connection to the co-located Kafka cluster, and Kerberos is enabled, the JAAS configuration is dynamically generated on each host. As a result, you can now use the service dependency method to define a Kerberos enabled co-located cluster.
OPSAPS-63992: Rolling restart unavailable for SRM
Streams Replication Manager rolling restart support is added to Cloudera Manager, Streams Replication Manager can be restarted and upgraded without losing service availability.