Known Issues in Apache Knox

Learn about the known issues in Knox, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

CDPD-43897: In CDP 7.1.8, even if auto discovery is enabled for Livy for Spark 3, in the Knox gateway homepage, Livy for Spark 3 Web UI is missing.
This works when the URL is entered directly, as it is a display issue. Livy for Spark 3 service.xml file does not contain a metadata section. This section is needed so that Knox can display the appropriate section in its web UI.
CDPD-28431: Intermittent errors could be potentially encountered when Impala UI is accessed from multiple Knox nodes.
You must use a single Knox node to access Impala UI.
CDPD-3125: Logging out of Atlas does not manage the external authentication
At this time, Atlas does not communicate a log-out event with the external authentication management, Apache Knox. When you log out of Atlas, you can still open the instance of Atlas from the same web browser without re-authentication.
To prevent additional access to Atlas, close all browser windows and exit the browser.
OPSAPS-58179: HIVE endpoint url is updated on only one knox host topolgies. While on other knox host, the Cloudera Manager configuraiton monitoring change is not identified and topologies are not updated with the Hive URL.
CDPD-22785: Improvements and issues needs to be addressed in convert-topology knox cli command
CDPD-43069: For HA HDFS deployments, WebHDFS failover isn’t configured in the Knox topology, so requests directed to stand-by HDFS nodes will fail instead of failing-over to an active node.
Add the fail-over configuration for WebHDFS to the HaProvider in the affected Knox topology. <param> <name>WEBHDFS</name> <value>enabled=true;maxFailoverAttempts=3;failoverSleep=1000</value> </param>