Known Issues in Schema Registry

Learn about the known issues in Schema Registry, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

CDPD-40380: Authorization checking issue when Kerberos is disabled

Due to an issue in Ranger, when Kerberos is disabled then it is not possible to check authorization.

  1. Open SR config in Cloudera Manager.
  2. Find the "" field.
  3. Replace GENERATED_RANGER_SERVICE_NAME with the actual name of the service.
  4. Restart Schema Registry.
OPSAPS-65728: Streams Messaging components do not start - python: command not found
If the python command is not present in the PATH variable and is not aliased to python, Streams Messaging components (Kafka, Schema Registry, Streams Messaging Manager, Streams Replication Manager, and Cruise Control) fail to start.
Ensure that the python command is present in the PATH variable and is aliased to python.
CDPD-49304: AvroConverter does not support composite default values
AvroConverter cannot handle schemas containing a STRUCT type default value.
OPSAPS-66356: Schema Registry's integration with Atlas does not work in secure clusters where Ranger authorization is enabled
Due to an error in the default Ranger policies for Atlas, the integration between Schema Registry and Atlas does not work. As a result, Schema Registry related entities (metadata) are not created in Atlas. Viewing or monitoring schema entity relationships is not possible. If this issue is present in your cluster, the following exceptions will be present in the Schema Registry and Atlas server's log:
  • Schema Registry server log
    ERROR com.cloudera.dim.atlas.bootstrap.AtlasModelBootstrap: Error while setting up the Schema Registry model in Atlas.
  • Atlas Server log
    org.apache.atlas.exception.AtlasBaseException: schemaregistry is not authorized to perform create entity-def schema_metadata_info
  1. Access the Ranger Console (Ranger Admin web UI).
  2. Click the cm_atlas resource-based service.
  3. Add the schemaregistry user to the default policies.

    All policies that require an update will at minimum already contain the beacon, dpprofiler, atlas, admin, and nifi users. Adding the schemaregistry user to the Allow users to manage favorite searches default policy is not required.

  4. Restart the Schema Registry service.

    Restarting the services triggers the creation of the missing entities in Atlas.

CDPD-54379: KafkaJsonSerializer and KafkaJsonDeserializer do not allow null values
KafkaJsonSerializer and KafkaJsonDeserializer do not allow the data to be null, resulting in a NullPointerException (NPE).
CDPD-49217 and CDPD-50309: Schema Registry caches user group membership indefinitely

Schema Registry caches the Kerberos user and group information indefinitely and does not catch up on group membership changes.

Restart Schema Registry after group membership changes.