What's New in Cruise Control

Learn about the new features of Cruise Control in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

Cruise Control 2.5.66 Rebase
Cruise Control in Cloudera Runtime is rebased from 2.0.100 to the 2.5.66 version. The main feature changes include ZooKeeper TLS/SSL support and the Cruise Control Metric Reporter support. For more information about the fixes and features in Cruise Control 2.5.66, see the Cruise Control Rebase Summary.
ZooKeeper TLS/SSL support for Cruise Control
When TLS is enabled on the cluster, Cruise Control automatically uses the Zookeeper for secure communication.
Cruise Control Metrics Reporter support
Beside the Cloudera Manager Metrics Reporter, the Kafka based Cruise Control Metrics Reporter can also be used. The configuration needs to be set manually, and further adjustments are needed when changing the default Metrics Reporter.
Configuration property for HTTP Strict Transport Security
There is a new configuration property for Cruise Control that enables Strict Transport Security header in the web server responses when SSL is enabled. By default, the configuration is enabled, and when TLS is enabled, Cruise Control sets the Strict Transport Security policy in the web server responses.