What's New in Apache HBase

Learn about the new features of Apache HBase in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

HBase Multi-cluster Client Support

Cloudera Operational Database supports HBase Multi-cluster Client (MCC) that ensures high availability and better performance. Learn about the HBase MCC and ways to switch between the single HBase clusters and Multi-HBase clients. For more information, see Introduction to HBase Multi-cluster Client.

COD supports HBase 2.4.6

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) is updated to support HBase version 2.4.6 for a smother and better functionality. Upgrade your HBase client for seamless connectivity.

HBase META replicas enablement

Cloudera Operational Database supports to enable HBase META replicas. With this functionality, HBase maintains read-only copies of the META table on additional region servers and ensures that the META table reads are load balanced between the replicas. For more information, see Enabling HBase META Replicas.