What's New in Schema Registry

Learn about the new features for Schema Registry in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

Support added for JSON schemas in Schema Registry

The JSON type schema format is now supported.

Earlier, only Avro type schema format was supported out of the box.

Support added for Atlas

Schema Registry lineage is also now displayed in Atlas. You can see the schemas in Atlas for the given topic.

Added OAuth support for Schema Registry client authentication

You can use OAuth2 JSON Web Token (JWT) in Schema Registry for authentication. Authorization continues to be implemented in Ranger, however, you can obtain the principal from a JWT token.

Added a findAllSchemas() method to the Schema Registry Client code

Provides a findAllSchemas() method which enumerates all schemas contained in the schema registry, returned as a list of SchemaMetadataInfo. This is useful if you only need to enumerate all schemas by name, without incurring the additional overhead of the findAggregatedSchemas() method.

Schema Registry CDC Support - change default schema compatibility

When a new Avro schema is created and its compatibility is not explicitly set, then a default compatibility value is used. Until now, that value was always BACKWARD. After this change, users on the server side can configure the default value.

Schema Registry: HA Support for Oracle Database with RAC

Added HA support for Oracle database with RAC for Schema Registry.

Mutual TLS authentication for Schema Registry

Schema Registry supports two-way TLS authentication, also known as mutual TLS or mTLS.

Support for RSA and HMAC certificates

Schema Registry supports JWT signed by either RSA or HMAC.

Retrieve principal from client's certificate

When two-way TLS authentication is enabled, Schema Registry extracts the principal from the certificate and uses it for authentication/authorization.

Create JWT validation filter

Servlet filter which checks if the incoming requests contain a valid authentication token.

Support added for JSON schema type in the registry config template on fork 7.1.8

Schema Registry now supports Avro and JSON schemas; affects CM >= 7.6.2, CDH >=7.1.8.

Enable setting offset in Schema Registry DB

Users can set minimum and maximum values for new IDs of schema versions, schema branches and schema metadatas in Schema Registry database. These offset ranges can be configured through Cloudera Manager; affects CM >= 7.6.0 and CDH >= 7.2.14.

CM changes for Schema Registry OAuth server side configuration for CDP 7.1.8

Schema Registry added support for authentication through OAuth2 JWT tokens; affects CM >= 7.6.2 and CDH >= 7.2.15 and CDH >= 7.1.8.