How to pass JVM options to Ranger KMS services

You can pass JVM options to Ranger KMS, service-wide or to a specific role within Ranger KMS service.

Adding key/value pairs to the Ranger Service Environment Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) applies the values across all roles in the Ranger service except client configurations. To pass JVM Options to a specific role level, search and edit the following configurations:
Ranger KMS Server Environment Advanced Configuration Snippet
applies configurations to the Ranger KMS Server Admin Default Group role only
  1. In Cloudera Manager Home, select Ranger_KMS, then choose Configuration.
  2. On Configuration, in Search, type Ranger KMS Service Environment Advanced Configuration Snippet.
  3. In RANGER_KMS_service_env_safety_valve, click + (Add).
  4. Add a key-value pair that configures a JVM option for Ranger.


    You can pass multiple JVM Options, each separated by a space, in the Value field. -XX:MetaspaceSize=100m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=200m represent default JVM options passed to the Ranger service.

  5. Click Save Changes.
    After saving changes, the Stale Configuration icon appears on the Cloudera Manager UI. Optionally, click Stale Configuration to view details.
  6. Select Actions > Restart.