Configure session timeout for Ranger Admin Web UI

How to set a session timeout value for the Ranger Admin Web UI.

Ranger supports session inactivity timeout for the Ranger Admin web UI. User activity is monitored when a user logs in to the Ranger Admin web UI. If no user activity occurs during the set time period, Ranger Web UI prompts the user to either stay logged in or log out.

If the user chooses Stay Logged In, Ranger continues to use the same browser session and the session inactivity monitor resets. If the user chooses either Logout or no option, then the browser redirects the user to either the Knox logout page (for a public cloud deployment) or the Ranger login page (for users who logged in to Ranger directly without using a Knox proxy).

ranger.service.inactivity.timeout has the value -1 second by default, which disables the session inactivity timeout.

To enable session timeout and set a timeout value:

  1. In Cloudera Manager > Ranger > Configuration > Search, type session.
  2. In Session Inactivity Timeout for Ranger Admin: set a positive, integer value for the ranger.service.inactivity.timeout property, then choose a time unit.

    For example, setting ranger.service.inactivity.timeout to 30 seconds triggers the logout prompt after 30 seconds of inactivity in the Ranger Web UI. Choosing 30 days allows a month of inactivity before a logout prompt displays.

    Configuring Ranger Admin Session Inactivity Timeout
  3. Click Save Changes (CTRL+S).
  4. To refresh session timeout configuration settings, choose Actions > Restart.