Changing the retention period of DAS event logs

If you click on a task on the DAG swimlane for a query for which the event logs were cleaned up, you see the “DAG info not available” message on the task attempt page. You can increase the retention period to resolve this issue.

By default, the event logs and the DAG data is retained for seven days, after which the DAG history is purged from the system. This is defined in the parameter.

To change the retention period of the event logs and to view task-level DAG information for older queries:

  1. From Ambari, go to Hive > HiveMetaStore > Configs.
  2. Specify the time to live in the parameter.
    For example, to retain the logs for 30 days and view task-level DAG information for queries that were run 30 days ago, specify 30d.
  3. Save the changes and restart the DAS service.