Running a query on a different Hive instance

By default, ZooKeeper redirects your query to run on a Hive instance that is available at that time. However, if you have optimized a certain Hive instance, and you want to run your workload on that particular Hive instance, then you can switch to that instance by specifying the HiveServer2 host name and the port in the JDBC connection field on the DAS user interface.

The JDBC connection string is defined by the hive.zookeeper.quorum property under Ambari > Services > Hive > CONFIGS > ADVANCED > Advanced hive-site. It also resides in following DAS configuration file: etc/das/conf/das-hive-site.conf.

To update the JDBC connection string:

  1. Sign in to the DAS portal.
  2. Click the profile icon on the top right corner and then click About.
  3. On the Configurations window, click Edit under the JDBC connection field.
  4. Specify the HiveServer2 host name and port that you want to connect to in the following format:
  5. To save the changes, click Update.
  6. To revert any changes that you have made to the original connection string, click Reset.
  7. To go back to the Configurations window, click Cancel.
  8. To exit, click OK.
When you run your query after updating the JDBC connection string, the query is executed on that particular Hive instance instead of being redirected to any Hive instance by ZooKeeper.