Downloading, staging, and activating the Oracle Instant Client parcel

Cloudera distribution does not contain the Oracle Instant Client parcel. You must download the Oracle Instant Client library 19.16 (both basic and SDK clients) from the Oracle website.

You must install the libaio1 package on all hosts that run the Hue server.
On Ubuntu, run the following command to install the libaio1 package:
sudo apt-get install libaio1
  1. SSH into the Hue server host as a root user.
  2. Download the zip files for the Instant Client Package, both Basic and SDK (with headers)
  3. Change directory to /usr/share/oracle.
  4. Decompress the downloaded basic and SDK files as follows:
    unzip /tmp/ -d .
    unzip /tmp/ -d .
  5. Arrange the client libraries to mirror the tree structure as shown in the following example:
    # Create nested directories: /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/lib/
    mkdir -pm 755 /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/lib
    # Unzip. The files expand into /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/instantclient_[***VER***]/
    unzip '*.zip' -d /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/
    # Move lib files from instantclient_[***VER***] to /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/lib/
    mv /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/`ls -l /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/ | grep instantclient_ | awk '{print $9}'`/lib* /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/lib/
    # Move rest of the files to /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/
    mv /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/`ls -l /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/ | grep instantclient_ | awk '{print $9}'`/* /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/
    # Create symbolic links. Remember to edit version numbers as necessary
    cd /usr/share/oracle/instantclient/lib
    ln -s[***VER***].1
    ln -s[***VER***].1
    Where, [***VER***] is the version of the Instant Client Package. Replace [***VER***] with the actual version of the Instant Client Package.
  6. Set the ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables as follows:
    export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/share/oracle/instantclient;
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/oracle/instantclient:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH;