Configure PostgreSQL as the backend database for Hue

After installing and configuring the PostgreSQL database, you can configure Hue to use it as its backend database.

  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Clusters > Hue service and stop the Hue service by clicking ACTIONS > Stop.
  3. Go to Clusters > Hue service > Configuration > Category > Database.
    All the database configurations for Hue are displayed.
  4. Select PostgreSQL as the Hue Database Type.
  5. Specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the host on which you have installed the PostgreSQL database in the Hue Database Hostname field.
  6. Enter 5432 in the Hue Database Port field.
  7. Enter user name and password in Hue Database Username and Hue Database Password fields.
  8. Specify the database name in the Hue Database Name field.
  9. Click Save Changes and restart the Hue service.
If the database setup is successful and Hue starts without errors, then you should be able to log into the Hue web interface and view the database and tables.